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Scratch Removal Machine Polishing

Scratch Removal Machine Polishing Jiutu 9TU-M079B is a professional mobile phone screen scratch repairing and polishing machine for cellphone and iWatch glass repairing, using the subtractive method to remove surface scratches,... Read more

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Scratch Removal Machine Polishing

Jiutu 9TU-M079B is a professional mobile phone screen scratch repairing and polishing machine for cellphone and iWatch glass repairing, using the subtractive method to remove surface scratches, not only can repair the scratches on the glass surface by making the glass surface as a whole drop but also ensure that the glass drop smooth. Only needs 3-6 minutes to complete grinding and polishing work while bigger scratches require 8-12 minutes, which shows great power in refurbishment.


● Automatic Buffing Machine,Able to polish all mobile phone screens and back cover including the curved screen, suitable for iPhone(6-13 Pro Max), Apple Watch, Samsung, Huawei, etc--Scratch Removal Machine Polishing

● Automatic Buffing Machine,Water-grinding type water injection polishing--Scratch Removal Machine Polishing

● Automatic Buffing Machine ,Built-in air pump no need air compressor

● Automatic Buffing Machine.Small size, usability-easy to use

●Automatic Buffing Machine, CE authorized, using environmentally friendly material without pollution--Scratch Removal Machine Polishing

●Automatic Buffing Machine, High-cost performance-significantly saving labor/time cost compared with traditional ways

Items Included

1* Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine

10*Waterproof Moulds(6-12 Pro Max)

2*Single Mold Aluminum Plate

1*Sanding Blanker

1*Waterproof Glue Gun

1*Glue Needle

1* Hexagon Wrench

2*Waterproof Adhesive(30ml)
1*Oleophobic Coating(20ml)
1*Polishing Powder(500g)




Scratch Removal Machine Polishing




To remove your phone front and back screen scratches


works for all smartphone models for iphone ,samsung , huawei ,vivo ,htc etc


220V /1000W or 110V


water proof glue , Oleophobic coating oil , powder , water proof mold for phone and lcd screen


One Year


Professional technical support will be provided until you can do with perfect results


Wood Package


package size : 65*65*103cm

Net Weight


For more information, please feel free to contact us -leesonli (at)

Scratch Removal Machine Polishing


Q1: What’s the Lifespan of Grinding and Polishing Machine Supplies?

1, Sanding blanket : one blanket can be used for polishing 500pcs phones

2, Scroll Wheel : can use for 3--6 months , change it when it is worn out

3, Oleophobic oil : each bottle 20ml can use for 50pcs phones

4, Waterproof glue : one bottle for 20pcs phones
5, Powder : one bag for 500g , for 500pcs phones around

Q2: What is the monthly cost of supplies?

The cost of supplies depends on the quantity of the phone that needs to be grinded and polished. Jiutu offers the following preferential packages based on the current quantity of supplies ordered by customers.

Q3: What does the after-sales service include?

The warranty period of the grinding and polishing machine is 1 year. If any module of the machine fails, Jiutu will replace the new module for free!

Q4: Is it difficult to make the phone waterproof with adhesive?

It is not difficult. A video tutorial will be sent to customers who have purchased the machine. Additionally, in order to improve efficiency of gluing, we have automatic glue dispenser machine on sale also , pls contact us for more details

Q5: The glass lens will be become thinner after polishing and grinding, will it affect daily use?

A: Only a very thin layer is removed, which does not affect daily use at all, but oleophobic coating needs to be applied for hydrophobic effect.


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