Upgrade Advantages :

Are you troubled by manual lifting the counterweights every time when doing polishing ?
Here we have a new release version which can make your work easier .

1,Automatic lifting with counterweight , save labor
2,Built-in water circulating system, built in air compressor and led lamp
3.With alarm for working status
4,Combine 2pcs counterweights together (10kg+5kg)
5.Silent working
6.Automatic stirring for powder and water while water pump is working

Main Features :
1,Both 110V/ 220V available
2, Machine comes with a list of accessories , pls check details below
3, Machine is heavy , please check with us about shipping method before you pay
4,Suitable for iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung, Huawei etc.
5, High-Cost Performance - Significantly saving labour/time cost compared with traditional ways
6, Stunning Applicability - Able to polish all mobile phone screens and back cover including the curved screen
7, Environmental Friendly - CE Marking, using environmental friendly material without pollution
Clarification :

The old way to refurbish the screen and back glass is to replace the front glass and back glass, which is not only difficult and costly but also less efficient. The grinding and polishing machine recommended this time is specifically designed to solve this problem in refurbishment. For the front and back glass with smaller scratches, the grinding and polishing machine only needs 3-6 minutes to complete refurbishment while bigger scratches require 8-12 minutes, which shows great power in refurbishment.