Jiutu 9TU-M079C is a professional mobile phone screen scratch repairing and polishing machine for cellphone and iWatch glass repairing, using the subtractive method to remove surface scratches, not only can repair the scratches on the glass surface by making the glass surface as a whole drop but also ensure that the glass drop smooth. Only needs 3-6 minutes to complete grinding and polishing work while bigger scratches require 8-12 minutes, which shows great power in refurbishment.

● Able to polish all mobile phone screens and back cover including the curved screen, suitable for iPhone(6-15 Pro Max), Apple Watch, Samsung, Huawei, etc
● Water-grinding type water injection polishing
● Built-in air pump no need air compressor
● Small size, usability-easy to use
● CE authorized, using environmentally friendly material without pollution
● High-cost performance-significantly saving labor/time cost compared with traditional ways

Items Included
1* Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine 1* Water Pump 2* Waterproof Adhesive(30ml) 1* Waterproof Glue Gun 4* Scroll Wheel 1* Sanding Blanket 2* Double Mold Aluminum Plate 1* Polishing Powder(500g) 1* Adjustable Wrench 1* Fingerprint Oil(20ml) 1* Mold Send Randomly 2* Glue Gun Needle 1* Hexagon Wrench 2* Dropper 2* Counterweight_1 2* Counterweight_2