Automatic Laminating Machine
Function :
Applicable to the production process of big flat panel display industry, including G+G bonding in hot melt process such as
SCA/OCF, G+G bonding in OCA process
Main Features :
1 The equipment adopts PLC programming control, PLC is used as the control center of the whole system to realize the fully automatic operation of the equipment and each--Automatic Laminating Machine
The setting of the operating parameters. The equipment is equipped with a man-machine interface, which is convenient for the user to adjust and monitor the fitting parameters according to the production situation.
2 The maximum splicable product size is 65 inches (applicable to the size of the stage is 1600mmx1000mm), which is compatible with small size, and the stage is compatible.--Automatic Laminating Machine
It is precision machined from imported aluminum to ensure the hardness and stability of the equipment.
3 The heating platform of the equipment is heated by uniform heating pipes, the temperature uniformity is good, the product is not polluted, and the platform is imported.--Automatic Laminating Machine
The aluminum is precision machined to ensure the stability of the hot melt G+G bonding process.--Automatic Laminating Machine
4 The equipment has over-temperature alarm stop heating, over-pressure alarm gas-breaking function, high safety factor and simple operation--Automatic Laminating Machine
Specification : 1. Using up and down heating, the temperature can be set up to 100 degrees. 2. The working platform can adjust the balance function. 3. The maximum pressure can reach 1.2 tons. 4. The action of the equipment is driven by a cylinder--Automatic Laminating Machine Working principle : According to the product feature , you can do vacuum extraction first then start vacuum lamination , or if temperature is needed , you can wait both the top and bottom plate to heat up and reach the set temperature ,later you do vacuum extraction and vacuum lamination Working area : 1, Mobile phone laminating 2, SCA glue hot pressing lamination, 3, Car navigation lamination 4, Laboratory research and development equipment--Automatic Laminating Machine