Main Features :
1 This equipment is high pressure heating ITO+CG, FILM+CG, CTP+LCD module defoaming machine.
2.This equipment is suitable for the process of defoaming it after hard-hard bonding (CG bonding) or assembly (CTP+LCD) process.
3. This equipment is for simultaneous temperature rise and boost.
1.1 Equipment introduction and purpose
1.1.1 : This equipment is a segmented high-pressure defoaming machine (bubble remover machine).
It’s widely used for electronics and optoelectronics industry, Removing air bubbles and vacuum bubbles
after vacuum lamination with optical glue SCA and OCA glue. Effectively improve product yield.

1.1.2 : Segmented high-pressure , both temperature and pressure can be adjusted by different segmented based on the actual product, max temperature is 80 degree , max pressure is 0.8Mpa

1.2 Equipment technical parameters
1.2.1 machine size :
length 1580mm width 1030mm Height 1700mm
1.2.2 Inner chamber size : Diameter 600mm Depth 900mm
1.2.3 Gross weight about 500KG
1.2.3 Safety pressure :0.8mpa
1.2.4 Volatge AC 220V

1.3 Equipment Installation
1.3.1 Power supply, to ensure the power supply demand AC220V 2000W.
1.3.2 Air supply to ensure the air pressure supply 0.8mpa.
1.3.3 Machine installation, 12 casters adjust the horizontal state, and the casters are locked and fixed.

1.4 Equipment maintenance
1.4.1 Circuit maintenance: check whether the circuit is loose or abnormal every 15 working days, Appropriate reinforcement if there is any abnormality

1.4.2 Air circuit maintenance; every 15 working days, check the air circuit for air leakage from the air pipe joints.
If there is any abnormality, repair and reinforce or replace it in time

1.4.3 Fan maintenance; manual debugging every 15 working days to check whether the fan is running abnormally, and replace it in time if there is any abnormality

1.4.4 Add lubricating oil; manually open the door cover of the defoaming machine every 15 working days and add lubricating oil to the movable place