• Anti-fingerprint Print: Mobile phone oelophobic coating protector cleans the phone screen and adds a protective film to the phone to prevent fingerprints from adhering.
  • Increasing Brightness: After the oleophobic coating solution has fully cured, the protective layer has a light transmission rate of 99.99%, allowing maximum colour and gloss restoration to the screen.
  • High Sensitivity: The liquid coating protective layer is closely attached to the mobile phone screen, making the mobile phone touch more accurate and sensitive, and solving the problem of slow response and touch failure after the mobile phone is filmed.
  • Wide Application: This mobile phone nanocoating spray is suitable for the screens of many digital products such as mobile phones, tablets and computer monitors.
Mobile phone nanocoating protector is highly stable, not easily decomposed and has good anti-friction properties. The Phone Screen Protector Spray prevents water damage and makes it easy to use your mobile phone at all times.