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Pulse Hot Press Machine

Pulse Hot Press Machine  Function : 1. The equipment adopts the instant processing temperature which can be set (0-600 degrees) to achieve the purpose of welding products in an instant to... Read more

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Pulse Hot Press Machine 
Function :
1. The equipment adopts the instant processing temperature which can be set (0-600 degrees) to achieve the purpose of welding products in an instant to cool down.--Pulse Hot Press Machine
2. The cutter head of the product can be customized with 0-45mm molybdenum alloy cutter head.--Pulse Hot Press Machine 
3. The product fixture is customized according to customer samples.--Pulse Hot Press Machine

Main Features :
1. This equipment adopts a pressure following mechanism to precisely control the pressure, and the welding products are fully dialyzed.--Pulse Hot Press Machine 
2. The welding precision of servo control products is high, and the wiring is not damaged.--Pulse Hot Press Machine
3. The imported temperature control system is adopted, and the temperature is precise and the solder is firm and stable.--Pulse Hot Press Machine
4. The platform servo movement is adopted, and the + servo pressing is more accurate and stable.--Pulse Hot Press Machine 
Pulse Hot Press Machine 

Working principle :
Haba welding is also called pulse hot pressure welding, and it is also called Haba machine (HotBar welding) in
the industry, but most people in the industry literally call it: Haba (HotBar). The principle of HotBar is to first print the
solder paste on the circuit board (PCB). ), the solder paste is melted and pre-soldered on the circuit board after the reflow
oven, and then the object to be soldered (usually FPC) is placed on the circuit board that has been printed with the solder paste, and then the hot pressing head is used. The heat will melt the solder and connect the two electronic components that need to be connected. Because a long thermal head is used to solder the flat object to be soldered (usually FPC) on the circuit board, it is called HotBar. HotBar is usually a flexible board (FPC) soldered on the PCB, so that it can achieve the purpose of light, thin, short and small. In addition, the cost can be effectively reduced, because 1~2 flexible board connectors can be used less. The principle of the general HotBar hot press machine and the Haba machine is to use the huge Joule heat generated when a pulse current (pulse) flows through materials with high resistance properties such as molybdenum and titanium to heat the hot press head (thermodes/heater tip), and then borrow The solder paste already on the PCB is heated and melted by the thermal head to achieve the purpose of mutual welding. Since it is heated by pulse, the energy and time control of pulse is very important. The control method is to use the thermocouple circuit at the front end of the thermal indenter to feed back the temperature of the thermal indenter to the power control center in real time, so as to control the signal of the pulse. To ensure the correctness of the temperature on the thermal head.

Working area :
1, Medical industry
2, 3C field,
3 ,laboratory,
4, new energy field,
Pulse Hot Press Machine 
Heating Method
Pulse heating
Working Tempature
0℃ to 600℃
Working Humidity
Working Rated Power
Machine Size
Net Weight
Working Pressure
Working Pressure
Volatge,Power Supply
220V 50Hz
Pulse Hot Press Machine 
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